Grace Academy

Welcome to Generation Grace Academy, we're dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports your child’s growth and development from infancy to school age. GGA’s program is thoughtfully designed for our students as they take their first steps toward independence and self-discovery. Our goal is as the world around us evolves is to continue to create an environment where your child's body, mind, and spirit can flourish. Through engaging activities, interactive learning, and a lot of fun, we'll empower your child to become a confident, curious, and caring individual. Together, let's embark on this exciting journey of growth and exploration are the wonderful highlights of our program.

6 weeks to 16 months | Ratio: 1:4

Program Highlights

  • One on one moments of nurturing, play and communication from your baby’s caregiver.
  • Personalized care plans that support your baby’s schedule, nutritional guidelines and any other unique needs.
  • Sensory- rich spaces that include soft places to explore, roll over, pull up and crawl.
  • Safety, security and cleanliness practices.

Areas of Focus

  • Literacy - developing language skills and communication through enjoyment of books and awareness of pictures. Basic sign language skills to communicate needs and build language development skills.
  • Science- learning about the world, how to use objects and problem solving through pretend and play.
  • Cognitive Building- building social and emotional skills through self-awareness and being around others
  • Arts- experimenting with art materials
  • Healthy Habits- promoting physical development by learning movement and motor skills
  • Body,Mind and Spirit– building a solid foundation for future growth